Zion international school was established on 14th January 2014 by Justine B Shadrak  and wife Afere Gifty.

they started with two people Edile and sherif

they were enrolled in one class which was a wooden structure and an enclosed fertilizer sack popularly known as boto boto school

The proprietor and the wife were doing the whole business until madam Regina Dakauoro was employed on 20th January 2014

as class room teacher. they have to go home to canvas for people , teach and the same time doing the cooking.

the school started without school fees on 1.2 for canteen.

by the grace of the almighty God and the courage and enthusiasm we had. within one year, the population increased from 2 to about 250 pupils with a 5 seated school bus fiat Ducator with additional 5 teachers.

currently the school is about +630 people.

from nursery to Jhs,  and 6 classrooms with office, there are 23 teaching and non teaching stuff, many activities such as cultural troops , cadet and school choir, news casters etc are all inclusive .

For further information, the proprietor can be contacted on 0201416818/0246205375

thank you.

about the director.

The director is 43 years of age married to Afere Gifty  and with 5 children.

he completed sss and had the ambition to establish the school.

Mission statement:

for upbringing of child future prospect.

vision statement.

  1. too develop social , physical , mental and spiritual growth of children.
  2. to uplift the image of the institution to the highest level
  3. impacting and promoting the culture through education

core values:

  1. to be punctual
  2. to be honest fair and integrity
  3. dedication and comportment
  4. decent appearance
  5. tolerance and submissive
  6. good relationship with parents.


  1. teacher must be in school at the right time
  2. teacher must teach according to the time table
  3. a teacher must not sit whiles teaching
  4. teachers must have a child’s guidance contact by writing it
  5. a classroom teacher must notify the director of the school before vacating his or her post.
  6. teachers must not respond to any aggressive behavior of parents but should be directed to the head teacher or director.
  7. right permission should be granted to teacher before absenting themselves.
  8. teachers must provide two weeks notice before resignation
  9. teacher must make sure students leave the class before he/she leaves the class.
  10. unlawful collection of money or items from pupils or students is not allowed.
  11. teachers grouping are not allowed in school.
  12. authorities must be informed before conducting any additional activities.